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Vintage Car Hire
1930s > 1950s Rural GARAGE film set, Pump & Kiosk & Props 
Bowtop CARAVAN & props
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We supply elegant  Authentic Vintage Limosines, limobus Fire Engine, 4 Classic Police cars, British flying squad cars,

 classic Ambulances,vintage Camper Van & pickup (tilly or ute). Also 1940s 1950s 1960s Classic cars. All include period suited chauffer or Police / Fire /Ambulance uniformed precision driver,  fully conversant with film production requirements.

  We also serve memorials & funerals for those who prefer a classic car cortege or a  Police, Fire or Ambulance hearse for those from emergency services.    THIS PAGE IS ONLY PART OF OUR PORTFOLIO.

 Please call, text or use the contact us page for an accurate quote for your production or event. 

3 big Wolseley Flying Squad Police cars,
walter, wilfred & watson

     Serving from 1948 to 1968 the 6/80 is most iconic of them all.

 ( DIRECTORS NOTE; these big SPLIT SCREEN Sixes are the ONLY correct to period Wolseley Police squad cars! )

  • Long Bonnet, Tall chrome grille, Split windscreen.

  •  Wood & Leather interior,  Semaphore indicators

  • Police gong ( Bell ) or  Blue light & siren option

  • Early Radio or PA traffic car roof speakers 

  • 3 matching cars available; 'Walter' 'Wilfred' & 'Watson'

  • Period uniformed Police drivers.

  • Police props cuffs truncheon & costumes inclusive

  • Wedding Ribbons and flowers & champagne bucket option

  • Vintage Police car hire Hampshire,Berkshire,Bucks, London, Surrey, Sussex,Wiltshire, Dorset, Oxon & ALL UK

from £275. each
from £275. eacH
( LOCAL 3hr RATE )
Watson from £375
2 WOLSELEYs , formal M.I.5 car, 'Winston' or   faded blue luxury six 'Webster'
  • 40s/50s period colours black or blue/grey

  • Gloss Black & extra Chrome finish for elegance 'Winston'

  • OR faded Blue/grey version period film look 'Webster'

  • Full leather & walnut Interior

  • Seats up to 5 plus chauffer (if 2 or 3 are size 8 or 10)

  • Split screen, column gears, semaphores, wheel spats.

  • Elegant tall grille long bonnet flying W  illuminated.

  •  Optional ivory V ribbon, flowers &  plus champagne silver service for Weddings.

  • Period  uniformed chauffer / Vintage outfit

OR Webster £325
 Vintage FIRE ENGINE rescue crew bus & ambulance


  • Red & cream luxury leather limosine Interior 

  • Opening Sun Roof & step up roof deck

  • Running Boards & first aid / rescue gear lockers

  • Authentic LOUD 50s Siren + lighting & smoke effects!

  • Flowers and Ribbon option for weddings

  • Comfy 8 passenger crewbus + bed & stretcher option  

  • Period Uniformed Fireman driver. 

  • OR :

  • Mabel can be dressed as a SIXTIES Hippie Surf  Bus SPLITTY CAMPER , with roof garden and floral window boxes, bunting & vintage decor,

  •  PLUS can be booked with 'Rosie Clover' vintage caravan below on tow or displayed at your venue with funky props (see bespoke services page)


  •  50s/60s combined rescue 1 off vehicle design!

         CHOOSE which format you prefer & we adapt .

  • SIGNAGE & fittings changed for FILM roles

9 seater HIRE as
 1950s Fire ENGINE
 1960s HIPPIE camper bus
or see Ambulance page
all from £295


Rosie Clover
 1929 vintage Bow top Caravan, 'Rosie Clover'
  • FAB 20s/ 30s Avant Garde / Art Deco interior

  • Curved profile roadhouse with bow top and stovepipe

  • Art Deco Bay Window  & Leaded lights

  • Baroque sumptuous fabric decor

  • Working kitchen & bathroom with WC

  • Period costumed butler or maid in attendance

  • May be coupled with 'Digby' or 'Mabel' or others.

  • Provides costume photo booth for guests fun or events.


ROSIE CLOVER from £225
ROSIE CLOVER from £225 
LOCAL RATE. SAVE When Booked with
DIGBY or Mabel
30's / 40's Humber Hawk staff Car   'Monty'
  • LARGE formal ministry car, ex M.I.5. film car

  • Maroon Exterior, 'king of the road' pod lights,

  • Beige cord, Leather & Walnut wood Interior

  • Split rear window, 'suicide' doors, artillery wheels

  • Flower garlands and Ribbon options for weddings.

  • ONE of a handful existing.

  • Supplied as Wartime staff car with equipment 1930s-1960

  • OR  can also be dressed as a 'Sound car' with roof speakers

  • OR Hotel VIP car with period roof rack & luggage

from £245
local 3hr

''Digby'' our Daimler Royale State Limosine - Sedanca De Ville, Laundaulette ​

  • Our Flagship GIANT  'CONVERTIBLE Cabriolet'!   2 hoods Rear & Front both open !

  •  This is a ONE-OFF version built for Royals & Heads of State for Procession.

  • Roll up glass division, true open motoring but with division providing a draft free

       open air rear salon for brides, -so you can do the Royal wave without wrecking your hair !

  •  9 SEAT design!!!     Third row of seats folds away in seconds back to 5 seater

  • Cream leather throughout & finest period furnishings 

  • These big Daimlers held the original  British Royal seal exclusively for 60 YEARS! 

  •  TWICE the size of  most other Limos and often over FOUR times the interior space of the Rolls  

  • Our matching handbuilt Daimlers are the ONLY ones on the road of their type in the world!

  •  FILM WORK: Ample space for cam positions. Can supply with Flags Crest & Royal logos etc to suit.

      Period: Vehicle first registered 1950, but covers 1930s-1960s for film work with period adaptations.

                      Vintage WEDDING car hire Andover, Basingstoke, Newbury,Winchester areas,

                                   - this Limo operates in a 25 mile radius of North Hampshire for weddings.



From  £375.


From  £375.

local. 8 seats


'JEEVES' -Another rare ivory Daimler Tourer to compliment Digby above : 

Daimler DB18  'Consort'  Colonial Coupe

      Hire Jeeves  for sheer elegance alone, OR put these 2 unique cars together,

Digby the giant & Jeeves for a fantastic procession seating up to 12 in comfort.

 (Far more than rare, as only 1 of each exists!!  )

 ( Consorts were used as personal  transport by Royals & heads of state.)

Another ONE-OFF open air Convertible Hood design. seats 3/4 pass.

Colonial Tourer means roll back hood and lift of side screens for the tropics.


from £295


from £295



Lanchester coupe De Ville was a star of 1951 PARIS Motor Salon.   

  'Chester' is in original show colours , with power hood & automatic Gears    

 Famously designed under the influence of Lord & Lady Docker for the Paris Show.

 'Chester'  has original leather & wood finish, designed as a spacious 4 seater town car for the nouveau riche.

Seen at film premieres with stars of the day Leslie Carron & Audrey Hepburn 'American in Paris'. Roll out the long white gloves, and look like a starlet.

              Fabulous fifties styling, and gorgeous 'tropical jade' -  a turqoise vintage colour.

Large grand tourer with a POWER CABRIOLET HOOD,  2 litre engine & automatic.

The open roof convertible design has tall glass sides & de-ville halfway hood position to protect  brides from buffeting wind.


Restored as displayed at the 1951 Paris salon. Its a ONE -OFF not a production car


from £295


from £295

local 3hr


- Maroon Exterior, 'king of the road' pod lights, - Beige cord, Leather & Walnut wood Interior - Split rear window, 'suicide' doors, artillery wheels - supplied as Wartime staff car or large formal car 1930s-1960 - Flower garlands and Ribbon options for weddings. - ONE of a handful existing. - OR can also be dressed as a 'Sound car' with roof speakers - OR Hotel / Airport VIP car with period roof rack & luggage