Daimler Colonial Conversion

Medical stretcher ambulance

 aka; '' ARCHIE '' 

Medical Motor Corps Daimler Colonial Coupe with roll back hood. Embassy limo typically adapted in N.Africa for stretcher carrying and Doctor rapid response. 

Dual WW2 sirens & medical fittings.

Prepared for film on Egyptian Suez crisis, but available for Medical themed Weddings as

the ultimate Ambulance Limo!  Seats 3/4.

Ask for availability of 'Wooster' now to avoid disappointment, from £345 locally.

(a forbear of paramedics ambulances from 1940s/50s)

   1950s AMBULANCE / LIMO-BUS  ( converts for Film Hire ) : 

Amazing Bermuda Ambulance Limosine with Siren, Sunroof, leather seats 9 plus child seats and bean bags & even a roof deck.  On the island these emergency vehicles were multi purpose combined with paramedic doctor ambulance & airport fire or crash rescue. Unique.

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Daimler Colonial Ambulance

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