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We have a variety of bespoke services for you to customise your special event or 'Grand Day Out'.

Corporate Events / 'PEAKY BLINDERS' 'GATSBY' 1920s 30s 1940s FIFTIES Rock n'Roll, Rat Pack, 'High Society' HIPPIE love in, Swinging  SIXTIES, we can support any theme . Plus see options below and we will make your day.

Precision Driving for Film work

PROM EVENT HIRE /or Pre Wedding Photo Shoot
Corporate Themed Events
Flowers and Ribbons & more
Scotland Yard Flying Squad car
 3 POLICE radio patrol cars !

1920/30s Touring Caravan

1950s FIRE Engine/ crewbus

PHOTO BOOTH FUN with a vintage vehicles and vintage memorabilia set.

Themed 1920s to 1960s with Period dressed RE-ENACTORs inclusive (eg; Police / Spiv / Detective / shark car dealer / Film star )

If you want to host a vintage party or event we can supply 'Rosie' Bowtop Caravan with period car and props.

Photographer can use this as a photobooth for guests to dress up with hats etc and enjoy inside or out, so any weather.

  We photograph or use guests phones.

 PROM SHOOTS or EVENTS with use of vintage vehicles as a photo booth.

 Pre-WEDDING shoots with vintage car and 

caravan. Also on the day our chauffeurs camera captures moments. Our clients have greatly appreciated these candid images taken when your formal photographer is not present. We choreograph shoots to great effect & many have seen publication.

Photo Shoots

Choreographed Photoshoots,

storyboard sequences, or

Cameo website photography 

Candid shots capture the moment

OR   Thrill your guests with our awesome


inc period costume and props for weddings

See box below ! 

     'Rosie Clover' PHOTO BOOTH

 circa 1929 Bow Top Caravan

  restored in Devon cream and Bluebell blue.

art deco leaded light windows.

 baroque lavish fabric Interior

Dressed with vintage lace and ornaments.

Film period age: 1920- 1940

Model : Waverley Wanderlust  1-off build.

Roles: Grand Tourer van for the well heeled

Can be towed by period cars, limo, or bus.

Adapts to 1950-1970 Gipsy or Hippy home


Experience a fifties Fire Truck. Equipped with siren, lights, dome skylight,

view camera, reclining leather seats and swivel captains chair, emergency lamps, searchlight,

ladder roof deck + many other features. 

Lets face it, 95% of all Fire Engines for hire are just lorries! Flat fronted box lorries with a few stickers lights & fancy equipment. Who wants a lorry for their wedding or event ? For a real vintage experience you need a 1950s quirky character limo like Mabel.


Vintage girlie model shoot or boys outing.

- we'll capture great memories to share.


Film period age: circa 1954 (in service to 1970)

Model: F350 Rapid response Fire Ambulance

Service range:UK airfields/ USA / Bermuda /NL

 europe / USAF airfields / other.

Roles: Ambulance / Rescue first response unit / Fire Engine/Appliance / Airfield crash rescue /

Mountain Rescue/ Military Base/ Port Fire truck

Adapts to HIPPIE split screen Camper 

or firemans Hearse.

We can dress your vehicle with a suitable silk ribbon and floral arrangement as an inclusive service. Also silver champagne bucket service is a free option.(though ice and champers best provided at collection due to legality /practicality).

       3 matching vintage Police cars form a dramatic    convoy with bells ringing and police  uniformed   precision drivers equipped with all the props & options to convert the cars to match the Film role or region required.   A police escort at a Wedding, or Grooms car.   Seen in 'Codename Kyril' 'My week with Marilyn' 'Bletchley Circle' 'Iron Lady'  'Winston' 'the Crown' 'Partners in Crime' & other Film & TV work.   Also transport for the stars, including escorting to premiers proms, parties, GOODWOOD.  A chance to dress up and have a photo shoot. 


Hire 1, 2 or 3 !.These iconic cars epitomise the postwar force like no other. Stars of such films as 'On the beat' (norman wisdom) & latterly 'Miss Marple' etc, nothing matches their iconic grandeur.

Film period age: 1948 - 1965.

Model: Wolseley Six Eighty

Service range: Met police / ALL of UK.

Roles: Flying Squad / Traffic patrol / CID car

OR Detective incognito MI5 officer car

Control skills reduce risk and save time on set. Our precision driver has vast experience of all vintage vehicle types which often are demanding to control accurately and

keep on the marks required by directors. 

Acting and on set experience are also invaluable  to tight schedules.

Our principal driver is available to drive any hired vehicles including trailers and light commercials. Also a character actor with a period wardrobe collection who employs convincing regional accents at will!

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